Dallas Love Field (DAL)
Dallas Love Municipal Airport - Dallas, Texas

 Dallas Love Field Airport

Dallas Love Field Airport is located at 8008 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75235, which is approximately 6 miles northwest of downtown Dallas.

Named for 1st Lieutenant Moss Lee Love, the airport first opened for business on December 19, 1917. 

For many years after the construction of the Dallas/Ft. Worth International airport, Love Field was under legal restrictions that severely limited its use as a commercial airport.  This was intended to give the new DFW Airport an initial "boost" to insure its profitability in the first few years of operation.  Those contractual limits have now been mostly removed from Love Field, and the airport is again thriving as a commercial passenger airport.

In recent years the airport has undergone significant upgrades & new construction, and is heavily used by business travelers flying on Southwest Airlines, United, Delta, or Seaport Airways.


Main Dallas Love airport phone #: 214-670-6080

Aviation Dept.: 214-670-6073

Operations Dept.: 214-670-6156

Terminals: 1 passenger terminal, with 2 Concourses & 20 Gates



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